Custom Design Contracts include the following:

Full listing of performer cast sheet, noting soloists and equipment changes

Full Charts, customized to your own field specifications

Text instructions and suggestions for effect enhancements

Student Thumbnail Charts

Individual Student Coordinate Sheets

Pyware file on any version


Animated movie will be provided IF audio files are received with initial director information

Custom Drill Pricing


$.80 per performer, per page

YOU set the page-range that's best suited for you!

120 members x 50 pages x $.80 = $4800.

If ALL materials are received by May 1st, cost is reduced by 10%.

If materials arrive after July 1st, a 10% charge will be added


​regardless of size or number of pages


* Minimum fee is $4000, regardless of size or pages


Custom Drill Design reservations are limited.


To ensure a reservation, please complete and return the Custom Contract below.

Once a contract is established, a shared collaborative online document will be set-up for the design team.


Click to Download:​​

Custom Contract.doc

Return completed documents to

Drill design sample page


All custom design work is performed exclusively by Ron Hardin, and emphasis is placed on communication, timeliness and professionalism to meet client expectations.

A reservation will be held for your group upon return of the Custom Contract. Space is limited.

Work begins upon completion of the Custom Design Contract and receipt of all show materials.

All drill will be designed on the most current version of Pyware 3D Java.